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Are You Running Away From Something? or Moving Towards Something? (pg. 2)


Are You Running Away From Something? or Moving Towards Something? (pg. 2)


You’ve probably noticed that focusing on the things you don’t like can make you lose sight of the things you do like. But it also works the other way around. Thinking about where you want to be going in life makes it easier to ignore the things in life you don’t like.


If you’re feeling ready to devote more time to the positive, here are some questions to help you get back into the habit…

1. Identify your values: the things in life that are important to you (nature, athletics, church, career, family, art, travel, reading, cooking, gardening, writing, music). Look for opportunities that help you get back in touch with these things. Seek out a group or club in the community. Find an online community. Figure out how to make time for these things in your life.

2. Identify the people most important to you. Family? Friends? What are the actions and activities that bring you closer to these people? How can you make an effort to make this more of a regular part of your life?

3. Who is your best self? When are you most happy with yourself? What are you doing and saying? How are you behaving? What can you do to be your best self more often?

4. Most importantly, don’t just read this, move on with your day, and forget to do anything. Make a commitment to make a change and figure out a plan to start working on it.

Give these tips a try and you may find yourself looking over your shoulder less, and you just might notice something on the horizon you want to move towards.


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