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Book Review: The Happiness Trap (pg. 2)


Book Review: The Happiness Trap (pg. 2)



Tip 2: Stop taking your thoughts so seriously


Give a thought our full attention, our full fear, our full mental engagement, and it will rule our lives. But do the opposite - be okay with that thought hanging out in our mind without engaging with it and/or trying to get rid of it - and it will no longer control us. The author makes a couple of great suggestions for how to reduce the importance we place on our thoughts. First, it’s essential to realize that triggering thoughts are no different from other thoughts. You can try thinking a triggering thought right beside a non-triggering thought to emphasize this point. For example, you can remind yourself that “No one likes me” is no different than “I’m a banana.” Both are just collections of words. Both are just thoughts. And they don’t have to control us. Second, you can reduce the seriousness you give a thought by singing the thought to a silly tune like “Happy Birthday” or “Jingle Bells,” or imagining it being said in a silly voice (maybe a character from the Simpsons, for example). This can help to put those pesky, negative thoughts in their place.

So, some great ideas but this is only scratching the surface of this incredibly informative book. For those interested, it’s definitely worth the full read. You can find it on Amazon here.


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